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Effective Date 11/1/2021

Luxjerry LLC Disclaimer    

Thank you for your interest in our products. If you’re preparing to purchase products from us, it’s strongly recommended that you read this entire disclaimer on this page. This should answer any questions you may encounter about our products.

  • It is recommended to consult a physician before using these products
  • Luxjerry and affiliates does not guarantee results
  • Luxjerry is a registered trademark in the Unites States of America
  • Our rules for user behavior, we forbid unlawful behavior, hate speech, bullying, promotions, spam, etc.
  • Not complying with these general rules will result in disabled user accounts.

Product Manufacturing    

All the products sold by Luxjerry LLC are manufactured by various companies within and outside of the United States.

We do not participate in any of production of the products we sell whatsoever.

Products manufactured in other countries are either supplied to Luxjerry LLC directly by the producer or imported to the country by other merchants who in turn supply the products to Luxjerry LLC

Product Contents

All of the products are advertised based on the information disclosed to us by either the suppliers and manufacturer’s.

Side Effects

We do not accept any responsibility for any negative effects caused by using our products.

All documentations regarding the efficacy and side effects are furnished by the producers and we do not bear responsibility for any of the effects either positive or negative.

In case of negative effects, it’s strongly suggested to discontinue use immediately.

Product Pricing

Luxjerry LLC is an online retail company. However, we do not have any influence on how the manufacturer’s price their products.

We do not guarantee any uniformity in pricing on our site or that of any other vendors or their manufacturer’s.

We reserve the rights to increase or decrease the selling prices on our site based on factors best known to us.

Discount offers are voluntarily provided. However, we reserve the right to accept or reject discount claims at any time.

We may charge additional fees for products shipping, which also depends on buyer’s location.