Best Adam & Eve Sex Toys To Rock Your Sex Life

Best Adam & Eve Sex Toys To Rock Your Sex Life 

Sexual pleasure is a fundamental aspect of human life and exploring new ways to enhance it can be a thrilling and exciting experience. Adam and Eve is a reputable brand that has been offering a wide range of sex toys to spice up couples’ sex lives. These toys cater to various sexual preferences, and with the evolution of technology, they …

Top 15 Tips To Make Anal Sex Easier AND More Fun..

Anal Sex: Top 15 Tips To Make It More Fun 

As society becomes more open-minded about sexual exploration, couples are starting to experiment with different forms of sexual activities. Anal sex is one such activity that has gained popularity in recent decades.  While it was once considered taboo, more and more couples are exploring the pleasures of anal sex. In this article, we will explore why couples try anal sex …

pegging guide for couples

How To Add More Fun To Your Pegging Routines?

What is Pegging? Pegging is a sexual practice in which a woman wears a strap-on dildo to penetrate her male partner anally. This act has gained popularity in recent years, with many couples finding it to be an exciting and enjoyable way to explore their sexuality. However, as with any sexual practice, there are ways to make it even more …

Best Lubes for Anal, Vaginal & Oral Sex

Lubes For Anal, Vaginal And Oral Sex

Lubrication is often underestimated and its potential to elevate your sexual experiences. Here is all you need to know about lube for anal sex, vaginal sex and oral encounters.

Pocket Sex Toys That You Can Carry Easily

Best Pocket Sex Toys That You Can Carry Easily

Sex toys have come a long way from the days of bulky and noisy vibrators. Today, there are pocket sex toys that are designed to be small, discreet and portable, making them ideal for couples who are always on the go. These pocket sex toys are designed to be used for solo play or for couples, and they can provide …

Should Passion Be Confined Only To Bedroom?

Should Passion Be Confined Only To The Bedroom?

Passion is an intense emotion that fuels our desires and drives us towards what we want in life. It is a feeling that can bring a sense of purpose, excitement, and fulfilment to our existence. However, when it comes to romantic relationships, passion is often associated solely with sexual desire and intimacy. The common notion is that passion is confined …

How To Reignite Romance?

Easy Ways To Reignite Romance In the Bedroom

As the initial honeymoon phase of a relationship fades, it is natural for the intensity of romantic and sexual interactions to decline. Life stressors, such as work, children, and financial responsibilities, can take a toll on a couple’s intimacy. Additionally, couples may not make an effort to keep the romance alive or may not prioritize their relationship, leading to a …

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Why Everyone Should Use Sex Toys?

Sex toys can be a great addition to anyone’s sexual repertoire. They can provide new sensations and experiences, and can be especially helpful for people who have difficulty reaching orgasm or for those in long-distance relationships. Using sex toys can also increase intimacy and communication in a relationship, as couples can use them to explore their desires and boundaries together. …